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Who Is inXpection?

inXpection was founded as an independant and professional third-party inspection company by a group of former employees from named retailors and professional 3rd party service providers. We focus on protecting brands of our clients (importers, exporters, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and trading companies, etc) by offering the reliable, impartial and cost-effective services. Now, we are the only approved and documented quality service provider in Target supply chain in China.

Our services include Quality Inspections and Audit Services. We have Smart Solutions for clients who are in need of a long term and solid cooperation for certain programs. Now we also offer Sourcing Services in response to the increasing customer demands in recent years.


How Did inXpection Come About?

In the early days, we didn’t have any of the ambitions to really start a BUSINESS on quality and to devote all our energy to it in future. Thanks to the reputation we got and the respect we earned from our previous work, we soon received dozens of project invitations from suppliers, they queried if we could do some quality related works for them. Then we did quite a lot including inspection, factory audit, system improvement, and sourcing consultant works for them and even not suspended for a day, nd we were well recognized by these clients.

So later on someday when someone raised a question, “why don’t we set up a company to do this as a real business” , we thought “ok, maybe it is right the time, let’s do it”. It was just so natural that we regathered instantly to become a new team. That was how inXpection came out in real.


Why ‘inXpection‘?

We believe an impressive and memorable name can reflect our focus on delivering easy-to-use and innovative solutions, enabled by technology. The name relates to our core expertise and values as it delivers meanings in multiple ways.

  1. inXpection spelled and pronounced similar as the word inspection, and which is right our key work with this business.
  2. inX, as IN X, means we can really put ourselves deep IN those X kinds of solutions and activities where we should be.
  3. inX, as I and X in short, in which the Letter I stands for our team and X means all kinds of unexpected and complicated issues. So I and X means our team have the ability to deal with it, even in stressed situations.

We can’t wait to share our future with you!


We Are Serious on Quality!

Each individual in inXpection team is well trained and experienced in the field he/she is responsible for. We all have at least 10 years expereince in manufacturering and quality control, and are very sensitive to quality. Unlike other thrid-party inspection companies, which only provide inspection results as PASS or FAIL, our team members can also give their own solutions based on the needs of our clients. We are all very kind people with integrity and good professional ethics, and we value our reputations more than a bird value its feathers. Fill out the Inquiry Form and reach out to us, let us be your eye and hand in China.

Now we have more team members and can cover the most area in China. We had been successfully protecting brands of our former employers systemically, enhancing quality of their products very successfully in the last 20 years, and we can do it for you too.