inXpection smart solutions 2

In China, we provide special solutions to clients who are in need of long-term solid cooperation. We have professional team members who are available and responsible for your program during the contractual period. In this period, we work totally as your own team but self-organized, and do all quality related jobs for you, including

  • Manufacturers Communication
  • Product Developement
  • BOM (Bill of Materials) Review & Verification
  • Specification Review & Verification
  • Sample Review & Verification
  • Packaging Review and Verification
  • Production Validation & Follow-up (Production Capability, Capacity, Production Plan, etc)
  • Pre-Production Meetings(Tollgate, TPR, etc)
  • Pilot Run & First Unit Verification
  • Inspections (Incoming of Key Components, DPI, FRI, etc)
  • Country of Sale (COS) Regulations Verification
  • Testing Coordination
  • Audit Services
  • Loading Supervision
  • and much so on

You only need to pay us limited servcie fee, and no worry about any of below

  • Taxes
  • House Rents
  • Wages
  • Employee Social Assurance
  • Employee Housing Accumulation Funds
  • Employee Safty Issues
  • Employee Recruitment & Management
  • Social Relations
  • Government Issues
  • and much so on

We have been supporting our clients to achieve success in various categories with our expertise. Fill out this form, save your time and budget from now.