• In addition to providing reports with a result of PASS or FAIL like other third-party inspection companies, inXpection has ability to offer solutions to the detected issues with our expertise, to save your time and effort in problem solving. Our clients are raving about it.
  • Account Management System is our unique system among similar service providers in China, and it makes us one of the best in this market. You can always get through this person at anytime throughout your whole project. .
  • Being as an Inspection Service provider, we only charge fees per our Pricing standard and get paid when our assistance is needed. Once we are no longer needed, there is no need to pay us.
  • We do have developed Sourcing Servcies recently with a new team, but we are a pure service provider too and only profit from our services.
  • Pricing standards for both quality related and sourcing related work can be found in our Pricing page.
  • Retailors, Importers, Trading companies, Amazon sellers, all kinds of business in goods trading, but don’t have a local office locally close to their cooperating manufacturers, or don’t work with the very best manufacturers.
  • Oversea and domestic buyers who need the help of experienced professionals on the ground, want to have a clear pay model without the complexities or hidden costs, and have their problems solved not just with a standard service menu.

No, we don’t.

  • Testing is not in the scope of our services. We have closely cooperating external laboratories which is certified and complianced in tests. 
  • We DO handle numerous reliability testing tasks on some very specific products such as electronic products, but besides we only do some simple on-site tests such as Drop test, simple physical and durability test. 

Working with inXpection

inXpection implements the Account Manager System
    • Each time when we receive a new Inquiry, there is a senior team member in related category as the Account Manager come to get in touch with our clients for the following processes,  and he/she will be the responsible project manager throughout the whole project.
There are two ways inXpection gets into a cooperation.
  • Since our terms & conditions apply in any case, our clients are welcome to start working with us without a contract, in case you want to keep the process light on your side.
  • Also we can provide a service provision contract for those clients who want to work with us for long-term cooperation and want their requirements to be documented. (we also advise our clients to do with their products suppliers too.)
Our payment methods are:
  • Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) (we require full payment, without any intermediary fee).
  • Paypal (faster and cheaper for small amounts, but it gets expensive for larger amounts — payer is to bear full fees that come at 7.5%).
  • Only Pre-Payment is accepted.
If you are seeking for ifnormation about Pricing, please go to this page for more information.
1, For oversea clients,
  • We invoice based on the man-days we spend.
  • Mand-day amount varys for different tasks, it depends on the remoteness of location of the factory, the category of products, the complexity of the problem, and so on.
2, If you are a Chinese domestic client and asking about VAT invoices, normally we invoice monthly,
  • Sometimes there are only a few mandays in a month, and you may require a sepcial channal for the invoice. For which we will try our best to help you, but also appreciate your understanding that it will increase workload of our team member; so If no urgent and must issues, we still hope we can do it as normal.
3, If you are asking about Pricing issues, please go to this page for more information.
Bribery and behaviors of any kind of corruption is ZERO toleranced in inXpection. We are well aware that our clients often make important decisions based on our reports. We mitigate this risk in multiple ways:
  • Avoiding certain psychological profiles in the recruiting process.
  • Strict policies.
  • Strong code of conduct in management level.
  • Enhance ethic trainnings.
  • Integrity hotlines.
You are always welcome to query more questions or give feedbacks on behaviors of our team member.
Yes. it is a Role As Your Engineer service in scope of our Smart Solutions.
  • Our engineers can go to a factory and study the issue (there is usually no alternative to going on site). We can investigate the root cause(s) of the issue, explain it to the manufacturer, and help set up an action plan. Depending on the exact source of the issue, we can often provide guidance along the way to ensure the problem is really fixed.
Yes, it is in scope of our Manufacturer Onsite Validation (MOV) service. Beside the normal service involved in an inXpection MOV on-site activity, we can also do following work :
  • Check their registration status with the government.
  • Do a more in-depth background check, collect a lot of information about their operations.
  • Even help you find a lawyer who can drill down on the legal side,
Yes, it is in scope of our Sourcing Services and as Ancillary Services for Your Sourcing.
  • We start to work with a proven process according to the information you provided including product category, quantity, quality standard, special requirements, etc.
  • For an Ancillary Services for Your Sourcing, we don’t get paid a percentage of the order value, just charge as per our agreement, normally for specific service we provide and time we spend.
  • All the information we gathered about your business need won't be shared to any of your competitors.

Quality Inspection

  • If you are a new client, you can get in touch with us in via our information provided in Contact details, make a phone call, send us email or fill out the Inquiry Form, we will get back to you as soon as possible with an inspection plan.
  • If you are an existing client, please fill in This Form, we will check our schedule arrange your inspeciton accordingly.
  • We suggest all our clients to book inspection at least 1 week prior to the exact inspection date, to ensure we have the best human resources arrangement for you.
  • Most inspections are done within one or two days by one Inspector, we count it as 1 or 2 Man-days. The amount of actual man-days depends on how remote the location of factory is, number of products and the complexity of the work.
  • You may require the task finish within one day, then it need several Inspectors to work together, we count man-days according to how many team members we need for this activity.
Yes, we do. We provide this service in two ways, case-by-case, or for a long term solution. inXpection quality engineers and production technicians can help you reduce your quality risks in a preventive manner. They implement better controlled processes, resulting in more consistent quality products. The ultimate goal is to reduce your costs and to reduce unexpected delays.
  • If you want us to do it for some certain case, we give perspective and adviced per our expertise and experiences, and send team member to your site to solve it until it is fixed. We bill it per man-days it may need.
  • If you don't want a case-by-case service, then you are always welcome to reach out to us for the Smart Solutions for this in 2 different ways as long-term cooperation services.

Audit Services

Time spend on different activities varies.
  • Normally, MOV and FEA can be completed within 2 man-days.
  • SOI and QSE are activities that require a continuous time range, so we need more time. The actual length of time depends on the remoteness of the related factory, the type of product it produces, the complexity of the problem, and so on.
  • We bill for the former two using Man-day, while the latter two apply to determined agreement by both sides.
  •  A similar inXpection service is called QSE - Quality System Establishment, it is different from the services offered by almost all of other third-party service providers, which only offer a FAKE system with dead forms and papers that designed to pass a qualification Audit required by the major clients. We hope you be alerted of that.
  • inXpection QSE will certainly help you pass a required Audit, it is a real quality system and is the solid soft-base of a factory on quality assurance, it is workable and can bring the real benifits beyound a factory number in supplier matrix of a major client. 
  • Please go to QSE page for more information about it.


Congratulations! Having an idea is the first step to proceed with your product. China is the biggest manufacturing origin of the world, you can easily turn almost any of your product ideas into reality here.
  • Be aware that you might go in the wrong direction and spend many months working with the wrong type of suppliers and, in the end, get nowhere.
  • You can find resources by yourself at Alibaba and Global Resources, but we would recommend ourselves to be your sourcing partner, because you will eventually save a lot of time and efforts on searching if you come to us.
  • inXpection helps you do a quick and efficient market research, find reliable manufacturers in shorter time, check reasonable cost.  You can let us do part of this job or appoint us as independant sourcing agent to do all the jobs.
  • Please find more information in this page.
Yes, you can. We know Chinese manufacturers much better than you. Just as the above question, it is not easy that you find an exaclty qualified supplier by yourself because you will spend a lot on searching. For example, we experienced it when we were in Target, a lot of Target contract manufacturers were not known by other Target vendors except the ones they worked with, while both sides were tired on finding each other.
Yes, we can. Getting to us with specific product details and a target price are the most commonly received inquiried we get now.
The price and payment conditions are related to your order amount, quality level, and the supplier's motivation to do business with you.
  • We don't think the suppliler that offers lowest price is the best choice. The ever-lower price often leads to issues that raise the total cost of ownership of the goods. We have seen too many failures of this kind.
  • Keep good relationship with your suppliers, you can still come to us to check with the selected suppliers if the quotation you received is a reasonable one. If there is no abvious variance, just proceed with your production with the ones you already contacted.