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Container Loading Supervision (CLS), inXpection CLS-Container Loading SupervisionSometimes is called “Container Loading Check”. CLS as the final inspection step prior to shipment, is normally performed in the manufacturer’s warehouse or the forwarder’s premises. In a CLS, inXpection team member will monitor the entire process to identify if there is any issue during loading.

A CLS helps you make sure that the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded into your container before settling final payment.

A CLS covers below sections:

  • Record loading conditions including weather, arrival time of container, container No., truck No., etc,.
  • Container check to assess physical damage, moisture, perforation, peculiar smell, etc,.
  • Quantity of goods and condition of outer packaging
  • Conduct a random quality spot-check to the goods (If required)
  • Monitor the loading process to minimize breakage and maximize space utilization
  • Other work required
  • Seal container and record seal Nos

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