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inXpection DPI-During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection (DPI) is to check the product early in production and help you identify any issues as early as possible, and have opportunity to take corrective actions in time and to avoid potential risk of the rest of production.

Generally, we do DPI When 5% – 20% of order quantity finished according to your specifications, quality standards and special protocols. Our inspector starts to examine the quality of semi-finished and finished goods, evaluate process, capacity, delivery, and get back to you with a report in details.

A DPI covers below sections:

  • Production Validation
  • Workshop Observation
  • Production Capacity Evaluation And Timeline Verification
  • Random Sampling Inspection of Semi-finished And Finished Product
  • Packaging Previews
  • Overall assessment and recommendations

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Pricing And Fees

200 USD per man-day, all-inclusive.
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