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inXpection Quality System Establishment

Quality System Establishment (QSE) is also in scope of Audit Service but not actual an Audit activity as well. It applies to a new registered factory normally, sometimes a to-be-upgraded factory too, in the following situations:

Your supplier doesn’t have a Quality System at all, apparently there are unacceptable points and no way this factory pass a formal Audit. These points will affect their production efficiency, production capability, or some other key points, and will eventually harm the quality of your goods, customer’s satisfaction, even your brands and your reputation.

In the meanwhile, you’re very satisfied with some aspect of this manufacturer, for example, service, or design, or price, or a unique technology, etc, so you want to continue to work with them.

Now you need a QSE to them.

In a QSE, inXpection experts will firstly conduct an formal evaluation, to detect the unacceptable points, then we will determine where we can get started, and work with cross functional parties closely to establish a quality system in a contracted time range. Later after its setup, we will irregularly conduct unannounced flight-checks to verify if the system is working properly, and give you feed backs about it.


  1.  An inXpection QSE is different from the services offered by almost all of other third-party service providers, which only offer a FAKE system with dead forms and papers that designed to pass a qualification Audit required by the major clients. We hope you be alerted of that.
  2. inXpection QSE will certainly help you pass a required Audit, it is a real quality system and is the solid soft-base of a factory on quality assurance, it is workable and can bring the real benefits beyond a factory number in supplier matrix of a major client.

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