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inXpection Manufacturer On-site Validation

Manufacturer Onsite Validation (MOV) is a validation activity to verify if the products your are sourcing are being produced by the manufacturer you designated, but not outsourced from unqualified sub-contractors.

Almost all the main retailers like Target, Walmart, Carrefour, Costco and so on have strict policies that prohibit unqualified production sources, because there might be Social Compliance issues like illegal child labor and forced labor, uncontrolled source of raw materials, uncontrolled production practices, unsafe or irregular storage, etc.

A MOV activity executor normally appears unannounced in your named production place, and with a checklist you provided, or ours with your permission. inXpection team member will record and take pictures of every key aspect for your reference, to make you have actual feeling and sense about the whole production status.

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Pricing And Fees

200 USD per man-day, all-inclusive.
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