inXpection is a 3rd party inspection company primarily founded by Target’s former employees, and is a professional quality related service provider in Target Supply Chain, approved and documented by Target Ethics and Guest Relations. We aim to be the most reliable one in this industry.

It is a big world, and there are always some places that we can not reach by our own. That is why we need to work together with your expertise. Now we are seeking for partners for more oversea business opportunities, for business with world wide clients of all kinds.


20%, Forever, and None Limitations


If you happen to have the resources and interest, please contact us. All you have to do is introduce the client to us, and we’ll do all the rest, then you get 20% share of our settlement, and for EVERY purchase they make in future, for real.

Never worry about the commission, we treasure our reputation more than anything. We use West Union or Paypal to pay you what you deserve. Our business record system works very well, every client are recorded with a reference (if applicable), and each single purchase will be counted and won’t miss. We will send monthly report to you for your check, you can follow the business randomly by yourself too.

You are very welcome to reach out to us to